One of the cornerstones of our company is serving the customer in a reliable and flexible manner, without compromise and always with appropriate and modern equipment. Our trained experts serve You and take care of your goods with solid workmanship. We deliver anything, anywhere at any given time. Whether you need general cargo transport in the metropolitan area, or sea container transport to Ivalo, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our reliable partner network covers the whole Finland.

Distribution transportation

In normal distribution transports our strengths are speed and reliability. We deliver the cargo on the day of order in the metropolitan area and the goods are delivered with the same truck that has loaded them. This way, we are able to virtually eliminate the risk of damage to the cargo and also loss of cargo during transport.

Customs goods transportation

We are professionals in transporting undeclared goods that are arriving in Finland or passing through. Our drivers are used to handling documents and dealing with them in the customs. We do T1-documents as well, which we deliver and we also have good partners who can take care of customs and export clearance.

Air cargo

We are professionals in transporting air cargo. Our entire staff has passed air cargo security awareness training according to the EU comissions regulation 185/2010. Your known consignors status (SPX) stays valid when we transport cargo to or from the airline’s terminal.

Express deliveries

Is your clients production line in Pälkäne about to halt and the raw materials coming to the airport? Or is there a ship in the port of Kemi, waiting for a spare part prior to sailing? No worries, just call us, we have a car ready to go in 30 minutes. We can easily send a proper-sized car on the way, so that your client gets the raw materials or spare parts as a direct delivery even as far as Ivalo. We don’t stare at the clock when there’s rush, we deliver the goods lightning fast each and every day.