Our equipment includes vans, light and heavy distribution trucks from 5 to 26 tons in weight and truck drivers from 18 to 26 tons in weight. We also have module combinations, crane trucks, skips and other working machines. Our trailer equipment consists of dollys, semitrailers, container trailers and more. We can also deliver a full 20 feet long sea container to a tricky place.

Our whole distribution equipment is equipped with a tailboard, pump trolley and appropriate load securing equipment. We can also deliver the goods up the stairs using hand trucks.

Most of our trucks can be opened from the side, so loading of longer goods is much easier. We can also deliver your goods with a crane truck, if you don’t have loading equipment. Crane truck can also be equipped with a cage or grab for easier lifting to upper floors.

Our whole equipment is equipped with a GPS-tracking system. This way we know exactly where our trucks are at the moment. You can also get internet-based equipment monitoring during longer contracts.

Our equipment also includes a Moffett truck with which it’s easy to reach the trickiest spots.